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ACT-100 Cable tester !!! not available at the moment !!!

ACT-100 Cable tester

The Alphaton active remote cable tester can be used for testing either normal short cables or long ones, especially multicores, with connectors not being accessible at one time. The tester is especially suited for fixed installations where cables can not be tested with a standard type cable tester or Ohm meter. Either symmetric and unsymmetric cables can be tested.

"Cold" solderings and junction resistances are displayed by color or luminosity changes in three color LED Display.

The imprinted fault table incorporates all important fault conditions, indeed not all possible ones due to their relatively large number. In case the display is in a state which cannot be found on the imprinted table, it can be looked up in the user's manual. In any case, however, the cable is in a quite unusable state and should be repaired or replaced.

The Alphaton cable tester has a SEND and a REMOTE section. The REMOTE section consists of two recessed mounted XLR type male or female connector and a stereo phone jack at the right hand side of the tester. Additionally, a separate REMOTE plug is delivered together with the active remote cable tester for testing long cables in fixed installations.