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Audio Distribution System ADS

Audio Distribution System ADS MF-30 Front

The „audio distribution system" ADS has been developed based on many years of know-how and close co-operation with radio- and TV-broadcasters. The modular construction in combination with the bus-system allow custom specified compilation of both active and passive audio distribution systems.


MF-30 Mainframe

The basic system consists of a mainframe MF-30, including the power supply and the ADS bus-system. The mainframe houses up to 8 different modules and can individually extended via the bus system. The rear panel is equipped with custom specified multipin-connectors on demand.

Each module is exclusively built with high quality transformer balanced inputs and outputs. All modules process both microphone- and line-levels. Phantom power is switchable and available electrically isolated for each module. A variable „ground-concept" allows individually designed ground runs. Custom designed solutions can be manufactured in short time, due to the modular concept. Detailed information and technical support of Scheck Audio will help to realise your individual demands.

Please refer to the seperate module descriptions for detailed technical specifications.

Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 3,0 kg
Modules: up to 8 different modules are possible
Power supply: 85-264 VAC / 30 VA, main switch
Housing & Dimensions: 19", 3U, 300mm depth